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Who We Are


Garvin provides in-depth video technology know-how to produce audio/video projects, events, interviews, vidcasts/podcasts and live/on-demand training for our clients. With his business and IT systems background, Garvin also consults with businesses owners, CIOs and marketers on systems set up, technology integration and tech stack buildup.

Garvin brings over seven years of AV technology expertise and 10+ years of systems administration experience in United States and Australia with key roles in B2B and B2C companies including ACMI, American Savings Bank, Pacific Guardian Life and Apple.


Justina partners with our clients to develop their marketing communications, branding and social media initiatives and ensures alignment to business objectives. She specializes in end-to-end strategic and tactical development of events, projects and campaigns to help clients build brand awareness, drive demand and generate leads.

With over 15 years of global experience in agencies and corporate organisations in Singapore, United States and Australia with established B2B and B2C brands, Justina served in key leadership roles in Global Learning Support and Skillsoft, where she led brand development and localisation, demand generation activity, field marketing, PR and event management with her team of marketers.


Brent partners closely with B2B organisations to maximise their digital and social media presence on the most relevant B2B social media networks. He works with Senior Executives to enhance their professional brand and thought leadership, and coaches Sales & Marketing professionals on effective and efficient activities that maximises their marketing ROI and objectives with the art and science of social selling. Brent is laser-focused on generating a positive return-on-investment for our clients.

With a career in marketing spanning 20+ years, Brent has worked both client-side and with digital agencies across the Asia Pacific region, Europe & North America. He has worked with clients from a wide variety of industries, including Information Technology, Professional Services, Finance, and Education.